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NISI MASA is a European network of associations, currently present in 26 countries. These associations consist of young professionals, students and enthusiasts with a common cause – European cinema. Filmreakter joined Nisi Masa as its Luxembourg representative in 2011.

NISI MASA’s main aims are:
– to discover new film talents
– to develop cross-cultural audiovisual projects
– to foster European awareness through cinema
– to create a platform of discussion and collaboration for young European filmmakers

It’s main activities are:
– organising filmmaking & scriptwriting workshops
– holding various cinema-related meetings (conferences, seminars, etc.)
– promoting short films (through screenings, making of DVDs, etc.)
– editing publications (various books & a daily magazine produced during several European film festivals)

– Since Filmreakter joined the network Luxembourgish filmmakers can apply to all Nisi Masa projects, either through us or directly to them. Nisi Masa projects are all non-profit endeavours and generally funded by state institutions, therefor exceptionally cheap. If you are young and interested in filmmaking we can not recommend their workshops enough. Contact us if you have further questions – info@filmreakter.lu
– Occasionally we cover transport and/or other fees for Luxembourgish participants.
– If you have a filmmaking related project (workshop, KinoKabaret, Festival,…) that you would like to organise in Luxembourg, Filmreakter and Nisi Masa might be of help, why not present the project to us? info@filmreakter.lu


* Albania – First Step Association
* Austria – kino5
* Bulgaria – SEVEN
* Croatia – Kinoklub Zagreb
* Croatia – Palunko
* Czech Republic – Kino Praha
* Estonia – NISI MASA Estonia
* Finland – Euphoria Borealis ry
* France – NISI MASA France
* Germany – Munich Film Society
* Hungary – NISI MASA Hungary
* Italy – Franti NISI MASA Italia
* Kosovo – 7arte
* Lithuania – Kaunas International Film Festival
* Luxembourg – Filmreakter
* Macedonia – Cre8ive8
* Montenegro – CINEMAPOLIS
* Netherlands – Breaking Ground
* Norway – Filmkraft
* Portugal – FEST – Associação Cultural
* Russia – Generation Campus
* Russia – Moviement
* Slovenia – PIFF
* Spain – Cinestesias
* Sweden – NISI MASA Sweden
* UK – Encounters
* Ukraine – CinemaHall


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