Jan 23 2016

Sundance-bound Irish films receive Films Sales Support from the EFP

SOURCE: http://www.iftn.ie


Promotional campaigns for six European films – including two Irish co-productions – are being boosted with Films Sales Support (FSS) from European Film Promotion (EFP) at this year’s Sundance Film Festival (January 21 – 31, 2016).

Rebecca Daly’s ‘Mammal’ and Pieter-Jan De Pue’s documentary ‘The Land of the Enlightened’ are both premiering in competition at the Sundance Film Festival. ‘Mammal’ will premiere in the World Dramatic Competition while ‘The Land of the Enlightened’ will feature in the International Documentary strand. Both films will be distributed by Wildcard Distribution and are set for Irish cinema releases in 2016.

Dedicated to the discovery of new independent cinema from around the world and as gateway to the North American market, the Sundance Film Festival is one of the important festivals in the US. €25,000 towards sales companies’ campaigns has been earmarked by EFP in total to facilitate sales of European films to North America and to strengthen networking with buyers at the festival. FSS is backed by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union. ‘Mammal’ is represented in Sundance by Germany’s sales company Picture Tree International while ‘The Land of the Enlightened’ is represented by German sales company Films Boutique. Continue Reading »

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Jan 22 2016

Gallic Comic Frederic Chau, Egyptian Star Ahmed el-Fishawy, Join Ambitious Luxembourg-Egypt Co-Prod ‘Sawah’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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SOURCE: http://variety.com

Palestinian-American hip hop producer Fredwrek also on board

French/Chinese comedian Frederic Chau, star of hit Gallic comedy “Serial Bad Weddings,” and popular Egyptian thesp Ahmed el-Fishawy (“Cairo 678”) will topline fresh Luxembourg and Egypt-set pic “Sawah,” an ambitious dramedy with cross-border potential being touted as the first co-prod between Egypt and Luxembourg.

As previously announced, Luxembourg-based Egyptian director Adolf El Assal (“The Notorious Guys”) will direct the pic about an Egyptian student torn between living in Egypt or Europe during the Arab Spring. El Assal previously directed French comedy “Les Gars” (“The Notorious Guys”) about a bunch of young misfits on a bizarre road trip to Portugal.

Palestinian-American hip hop producer Farid Karam Nassar, known as Fredwrek, who got his big break as Dr. Dre’s protege and has since produced tracks for artists including Ice Cube, Eminem, and Britney Spears, is on board to work alongside German composer Ali N. Askin (“Turkish for Beginners, “Life, Above All”) on the music shaping up as a key component of “Sawah.”

The storyline sees a young vegetarian pacifist DJ named Samir leave Alexandria at the onset of the Egyptian revolution to play the gig of lifetime in Berlin. Due to a mix up involving a fake passport he then lands in Luxembourg where he is sidetracked by several characters including a small time hustler, a cop, and a band of angry Gypsies.

The screenplay is by U.S-scribe Dennis Foon (“Life, Above All”).

Plan is for cameras to start rolling in September in Luxembourg and then in Egypt on “Sawah” which is being mounted as a co-prod between Luxembourg-based Wadi Films, set up by the director, and Cairo-based shingle The Producers known for fresh fare including “Blair Witch”-like Egyptian chiller “Warda.” “Sawah” is supported by Film Fund Luxembourg.

The Producers co-founder Hani Osama played up the fact that the pic features “a mix of the Egyptian and European culture” through a story that, he boasted, “will attract audiences domestically and internationally.”

Innovative Arab film distribution and promotion company Mad Solutions will distribute “Sawah” theatrically in the Arab world.

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Jan 21 2016

Luxembourg film maker heads for Oscars

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SOURCE: http://www.wort.lu

(JB) A Luxembourg movie maker will be walking down the red carpet at this year’s Oscar’s after “Chau, beyond the lines” was nominated for a coveted award.

Produced by Luxembourger Jerry Franck and directed by his wife, Courtney Marsh, the 2015 film follows Chau, a 16-year-old boy living in a Vietnamese camp for young people with disabilities caused by exposure to Agent Orange.

The moving documentary follows Chau’s dreams of one day becoming a professional clothing designer while battling against prejudice.

“We had always hoped for such a thing, but that it would become a reality was simply unthinkable. We knew that the film could have a chance, but there is also a lot of competition,” Franck told the Luxemburger Wort in an interview.

The 29-year-old, who went to school in Luxembourg City and studied filmmaking in Columbia College, in the US, said that the nomination in itself was the “biggest success in our careers so far,” and will help to bring the film to a wider audience.

Thusfar the film has been screened at a number of festivals and cinemas in the US. It was awarded the Grand Jury Award at the Austin Film Festival.

The film was one of five nominated for an Oscar in the short documentary category, the winner of which will be announced at an official ceremony on February 28.


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Jan 09 2016

Watch Your Favorite Films as 3D Holograms

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SOURCE: https://thecreatorsproject.vice.com

Ever since Tupac took the stage at Coachella in 2012, holographic material has been slowly making its way into the work of contemporary visual artists and designers. Known for his music videos and a cut and stitched timelapse remix of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, visual effects artist and experimental filmmaker Jeff Desom uses his own DIY holograms to create what he calls a, “new perspective and a tribute to cinema, accessible to all.”

Desom’s latest project Holograma is a series of sculptural video installations inspired by early methods of optical theater, or Theatre Optique, a projected image technique developed by French inventor Charles-Émile Reynaud in the late 19th century. In his modern renditions, Desom brings new life to the optical theater while paying homage to Reynaud’s famous moving picture shows such as Pantomimes Lumineuses.

Famous scenes from film and television are transported to the 3D realm using what Desom describes as “a simple holographic process based on a semi-transparent screen, mixing the image of an extremely faithfully built model with the characters extracted from the original scene.”

Desom employs a rotoscoping editing technique commonly used for stop-motion films, where he outlines on-screen characters from television and film, traces their body movements, effectively cropping silhouettes out from a scene, and then converting them into a 3D holographic projection. Desom recreates iconic scenes from film and television by projecting his holographic characters onto a miniature model of the set they were taken from, built by his partner Oli Pesch. Desom and Pesch constructed a set of five boxes in Holograma that feature a selection of recognizable footage, from the Big Lebowski to Twin Peaks.

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Dec 28 2015

THE END OF EVERYTHING wins Best Experimental Short Film in Lisbon

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SOURCE: http://www.lisbonfilmfestival.com/


Christian Neuman’s “The End of Everything as You Knew It. A Guide” wins Best Experimental Film at Lisbon International Film Festival. Congrats!

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Dec 11 2015

Communautés – aide à la réécriture du CNC

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Après l’aide à l’écriture , la finale de la bourse TV Lagardère, le projet de série “Communautés” co-écrit par Marie-Sophie Chambon et Frédéric Zeimet vient d’obtenir l’aide à la réécriture du Fond d’aide à l’Innovation du CNC. Ils profitent de l’expérience et du soutien d’Olivier Kohn (créateur de “Reporters” et scénariste de “Le Tunnel” et “Odysseus”) pour la poursuite de leur travail.


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Dec 10 2015

Film Fund Luxembourg turns 25 and looks to the future

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SOURCE: http://cineuropa.org

04/12/2015 – Nearly €410 million were allocated to 600 audiovisual works between 1990 and 2015. And Luxembourg is just getting started… by Vitor Pinto

The Film Fund Luxembourg is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month – a quarter of a century dedicated to supporting film and audiovisual production, during which nearly €410 million were allocated to 600 audiovisual works (across several formats).

1990-2015 was also a period during which the Grand Duchy saw its professionals grow stronger, embarking on a growing number of international co-productions and building up a vibrant animation sector – all of which took place against the backdrop of a national film body, which proved to be both an attentive supervisor and a key supporter of the industry.

The Film Fund’s selective production schemes are open to local professionals applying with projects in various formats and genres: animation, short films, documentaries, feature-length fiction films and – since 2014 – transmedia projects.

The Film Fund’s budget increased over the years, and in 2014, it was able to boast a total of €39,679,352, which was used to back 22 projects in development and 37 titles in production (mostly co-productions). The selected projects included, among others, the Cannes 2015 entry The Brand New Testament by Jaco van Dormael and Mammal by Rebecca Daly, which will compete at the upcoming Sundance Film Festival.

Turning 25, it’s time to ask what’s in store for the years to come. The Film Fund recently hosted the second Assises du cinéma luxembourgeois (“Meeting on Luxembourgish Cinema”), at which approximately 100 professionals gathered to discuss several aspects of the industry. Although no official decisions have been made yet, a number of proposals and new points of view have been brought to the table.

Film support is, unsurprisingly, the organisation’s main concern. Over the years, Luxembourg has been particularly active, taking part in minority co-productions with its neighbours Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France. This type of project is not likely to be neglected in the future, but it is probable that the focus could be switched to investment in projects initiated by local talents.

Given the rising number of companies applying to the fund, local producers suggest reducing the maximum amount that can be allocated to any given project. Such a measure would contribute to maintaining the diversity of the production. Quality, rather than quantity, must prevail, however. There is also the possibility of introducing a new slate-funding scheme, in parallel with the current selective schemes.

Furthermore, promoting local talents – including actors – abroad is set to continue, as is the search for potential new partnerships.

Regarding visibility and the exhibition sector, measures need to be reinforced in order to ensure that a wide range of local titles are on offer throughout the country. A promotional portal is also expected to be instigated by the Film Fund, and so is a VoD platform developed by the Filmakademie.

Training and life-long learning will also be important topics, with a particular focus on new technologies and special attention being paid to scriptwriting. Lastly, synergies need to be reinforced between the industry’s different key players and institutions such as broadcasters ARTE and RTL Group, as well as the videogame sector.

All of this input serves as a testament to the motivation of an industry whose commitment is inversely proportional to the country’s size. There is certainly much more to come from Luxembourg over the next 25 years, at least!

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Dec 09 2015

Eng nei Zäit sélectionné à Max Ophüls!

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SOURCE: Communiqué de Presse SAMSA FILM

Nous avons le plaisir d’annoncer que le film « ENG NEI ZÄIT » réalisé par Christophe Wagner a été sélectionné en compétition officielle au 37e du festival MAX OPHÜLS PREIS qui se tiendra à Sarrebruck du 18 au 24 janvier 2016.

Après 23 ans d’absence de film luxembourgeois dans le concours officiel, le deuxième long métrage de Christophe Wagner sera en lice pour le PRIX MAX OPHÜLS.

Révéler les nouveaux réalisateurs, tel est l’enjeu premier du Festival qui propose chaque année une sélection officielle d’une centaine de premières oeuvres.

Le festival MAX OPHÜLS PREIS a acquis une grande renommée dans le paysage des festivals germanophones. Consacré aux premiers films, il constitue une plateforme considérable pour les nouveaux talents.

« ENG NEI ZÄIT » est sorti au Luxembourg 14 octobre 2015. Depuis, il a accueilli 15 000 spectateurs et demeure toujours à l’affiche.

Communiqué de presse du festival

Inspiré de faits réels, ENG NEI ZAIT raconte l’histoire de Jules qui rentre chez lui en 1945 après avoir combattu dans le maquis français. Il essaye de reconstruire sa vie dans un pays ravagé par quatre ans de guerre. Quand sa fiancée est retrouvée assassinée avec une famille de fermiers allemands chez qui elle travaillait, Jules, engagé comme gendarme, participe à l’enquête policière. Sa recherche de la vérité se heurte rapidement aux efforts en haut lieu pour enterrer les zones d’ombre des années de l’Occupation.

Tourné entièrement au Luxembourg et en langue luxembourgeoise, ce film met en vedette nos stars nationales de la scène et de l’écran, e. a. Luc Schiltz, André Jung, Jules Werner, Eugénie Anselin, Elsa Rauchs, Jean-Paul Maes, Jean-Paul Raths.


Bertrange, le 9 décembre 2015

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Dec 08 2015

Il était une fois le Filmfund

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SOURCE: http://www.wort.lu

(mlr) – La famille du cinéma luxembourgeois s’est réunie lundi 7 décembre 2015 à Utopolis pour célébrer les 25 ans du Film Fund, l’organisme de soutien à la production audiovisuelle. Une célébration marquée par la présence du Grand Duc qui a assisté à la séance académique ainsi qu’au partage symbolique d’un gâteau d’anniversaire. C’est le premier ministre et ministre des Communications, Xavier Bettel, qui a lancé les festivités.

L’histoire du cinéma luxembourgeois aura été marquée, deux ans après la création du Film Fund, par le film de Pol Cruchten, “Hochzäitsnuecht” (1992), premier long métrage sélectionné au Festival de Cannes et lauréat du Prix Max Ophüls à Saarbrücken. Depuis, 25 films ont été présentés au Festival de Cannes et six d’entre eux ont été primés. Autre étape majeure: le premier Oscar raflé en 2014 avec le court-métrage d’animation “Mr Hublot” réalisé par Laurent Witz et Alexandre Espigarès.

En 2015, le budget de l’Etat affichait une enveloppe de 33 millions d’euros pour soutenir la production de films. Au cours des 25 dernières années, ce sont ainsi 409 millions d’euros qui ont été investis dans la production de plus de 600 oeuvres audiovisuelles.

Le gâteau du Film Fund attire de plus en plus de convoitises. Entre 750 personnes et 1000 personnes travaillent aujourd’hui directement ou indirectement pour le secteur, d’après les chiffres officiels du gouvernement. Des Assises du film luxembourgeois ont récemment été organisées pour revoir le fonctionnement du fonds. L’objectif est de miser davantage sur les projets initiés par des producteurs du pays.

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Dec 05 2015

Rebecca Daly’s Mammal makes it to Sundance

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SOURCE: http://www.irishtimes.com

The Irish director flies the flag at the prestigious event

Sundance waxes and wanes. But at present its influence is stronger than ever. Every year, at least one of the films that attracts attention at the snowy event ends up making waves 12 months later at “awards season”. Brooklyn started its journey there and has looked like a likely best picture nominee ever since. The excellent Tangerine just won best film at the Gotham Awards and is all over the nominations at the Independent Spirits.
So we are happy to relate that an Irish film has made it into the World Cinema section at this year’s Sundance. Hats off to Rebecca Daly’s Mammal. Moving into similar territory occupied by her pal and compatriot Toni Colette in Grassland, Rachel Griffiths plays a Dublin mother who befriends a homeless boy after her own son dies. Barry Keoghan, Michael McElhatton and Nika McGuigan also appear. Fastnet Films, who also produced Rebecca’s The Other Side of Sleep, will be delighted by the news. We had hoped to see Conor Horgan’s The Queen of Ireland in the documentary section. It’s a very “Sundance” film. But in the programme it is not.
Being a genuine festival of discovery, Sundance is a hard event to preview. Few of the directors have anything like a track record yet. Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan’s Swiss Army Man has Daniel Radcliffe falling in love with a dead body. The actor Clea DuVall moves behind the camera with a “therapy movie” entitled (what else?) The Intervention. So Yong Kim’s Lovesong makes use of Jena Malone and Riley Keogh. In the documentary sequence we will see Author: The JT LeRoy Story, an examination of the invented literary persona who bore that name. Elyse Steinberg’s Weiner looks at the strange self-destructive career of politician Anthony Weiner. Oh we don’t know. Sixty-five features make their debut this year and, from this distance, any one could turn out to be the next Beasts of the Southern Wild or the next Sex Lies and Videotape. “I think we’re at a place where audiences are really telling us what they’re up for,” Sundance director John Cooper said. “And I think they’re up for a lot more than we’re giving them a lot of the time.”

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